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Research Conference "National Revival of Ukraine and Entering the World Commonwealth", May 17-18,1999,Kyiv, International Institute of Linguistics and Law

International Scientific Practical Conference "Marketing: Theory and Practice", May,19-23,1999,Yalta, Kiev National Economics University, Marketing Dept.,Tel 38(044) 446 92 42,441 20 20, Contact person:Gerasimchuk B.G.

International scientific conference "Culture and Arts in the Contemporary World", May,1999, Kyev State University of Culture and Arts, Tel 38 (044) 295 4386,295 8527

International Scientific Conferense devoted to the 5 th anniversary of the Kyiv Institute Slavonic University "The Integral Process in Slavonic Languages and Cultures on the Eve of XXI Century", June,8-10,1999, Kyiv Slavonic University, Tel 38(044) 268 9407, Cotact person :prof I.Stoyanov

Research Conference "Ukraine in the Information World: Verbal and Technological Aspects, September,1999,Kyiv, Innovation and Development Centre, e-mail:

International Symposium "Managing the Firm: Factors of Success" November,18-19,1999,Kyiv, Kiev National Economics University, Tel 38(044) 446 92 42,441 20 20, Contact person:Gerasimchuk B.G.

International Scientific Practical Conference "Computer Technologies in Scientific, Educational, Methodological and Entrepreneurial Activities of Higher Educational Institutions", November,24-25,1999,Kyiv, Ukrainian-Finnish Institute of Management and Business (UFIMB), Tel 38(044) 441 5636,fax 38(044) 444 0544

Third international Conference MPSL'99
"Modification of Properties Of Surface layers of Non-Semiconducting Materials"

May 25-29 ,1999 ,Sumy, Ukraine
Chairman of Organizing Committee prof. I. Protsenko
Sumy State University, Department of Applied Physics, 2, Street R.-Korsakov, 244007, Sumy, Ukraine
Tel.: 38 0542 334108,Fax.: 38 0542 334008

International Scientific Conference for Students and Young Physicians
Lviv State Medical University, October 7-9,1999,Lviv,Ukraine

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