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Adding New Partner(s) is a 4-parts Process

Part 1:


Please read and accept EDNU - StudyAbroad Program Terms&Conditions;

Part 2:

Partner Contact Information

The provided Partner Contact Information will be place on EDNU-StudyAbroad sites.

Part 3:

Program Information

Program Information provides an opportunity to summarize the program description.

Part 4:

Administrative Information

Administrative information is required byEDNU-StudyAbroad to process all requests.


I. EdNU - Study Abroad Program is created and operated by EF Ukraine for the purpose of recruiting students and program participants for EdNU - Study Abroad Program Members.
II. Any approved by EF Ukraine study abroad and/or language learning provider (Institution) may participate in the EdNU - Study Abroad Program on a commission basis.The final decision about the participation in the EdNU - Study Abroad Program is made by EF Ukraine. EF Ukraine reserves a right to accept or reject any Institution.
III. EF Ukraine agrees to promote EdNU - Study Abroad Program Member Institutions via the Internet and other media and recruit students for these Institutions.

  1. EF Ukraine promotes EdNU - Study Abroad Program Member Institutions via ef-ukraine.com, ednu.kiev.ua
    and other web sites developed and operated by EF Ukraine.
  2. EF Ukraine develops a web presentation and localisation (Ukrainian and/or Russian) of the EdNU - Study Abroad Program Member Institution using the information and graphics from the Web site, brochures and other materials provided by the Institution.
  3. EF Ukraine develops customized Online and Printable Application forms based on the application (registration) forms, admission requirements, and deadlines provided by the Institution.
  4. EF Ukraine collects applications, references, academic transcripts, financial statements and other documents required by the Institution and sends them to the Institution. If no other documents except applications are required, EF Ukraine sends to the Institution a Reservation form (by E-mail or Fax).
  5. Students are asked by EF Ukraine to sign the application or to submit the online application agreeing that the terms and conditions appearing on the web site will comprise the agreement between EF Ukraine and study abroad program provider and program participants.
  6. EF Ukraine notifies program participant about the admission decision of the Institution and sends to the student a Letter of Acceptance and other documents issued by the Institution (for example, I-20 or pre-departure orientation materials).

IV. The Institution agrees:

  1. To pay EF Ukraine a commission for each student who was referred by EF Ukraine and accepted by the Institution and who pays his/her tuition (program) fee.
  2. To make an admission decision and notify EF Ukraine about this decision or confirm reservation as soon as possible, but no later than in five business days from the day of receiving all required documents or reservation.
  3. To send a Letter of Acceptance and other documents issued by the Institution to EF Ukraine or directly to the student (program participant) as agreed with EF Ukraine.

V. The above Terms & Conditions comprise the agreement between EF Ukraine and the Institution. This agreement will be effective when the application is accepted by EF Ukraine and will remain in full force until EF Ukraine or the Institution deems it necessary to revoke the agreement. The revoking party must provide written notice of such revocation to the other party at the postal address listed above, at least 30 days in advance of the effective date of the revocation.

Institution Name:
Telephone Number:
Fax Number:
Zip Code:
You have an online registration of clients?
(Espesially for the language organizations)
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Your agents (representations) in Ukraine:
in Russia:
in other countries of the ex-CIS:
(ex-CIS Country: Agent Name&City&Phone)

Whether you are interested in the conclusion of the agency contract with EF Ukraine on representation in Ukraine of your education(language) services?

Yes No

If Yes, what size and type of your agency commission?

% Total (Tution&Accomodation)
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